Charming Chiang Mai; old city and a coffee break (part 3)

"Thailand evokes images of serene beaches, ancient temples and 
delicious coffee.Chiang Mai city centre has plenty of places to 
begin your 'coffeesploration', for something quick and special to 
start the day. The beans here are sustainable, harvested locally, 
and have a reputation for producing some of the best coffee in 
Everyday in Chiang Mai is Spring season

Good morning from Chiang Mai, today would be the last day here. I wish I could stay longer but my friend gotta go back to work. Never mind, next time I will stay longer! By the way, if you haven’t read my previous posts yet please read the first and the second parts before this post so you won’t miss some beautiful parts of Chiang Mai 😉

Today we plan to just chill in the Nimmanhaemin area and explore some more cool spots for coffee lovers. Nimmanhaemin Road is a popular area for cafes and coffee shops. You’ll have no problem recaffeinating as necessary while you spend a day exploring in and around the city. And we starts our day at one of the famous cafes here, Cheevit Cheeva. Cheevit Cheeva has branched on several location of Chiang Mai. And the one we are visiting is on Nimmanhaemin road, at this branch has a cafe and the spa.

Cheevit Cheeva on Siri Mungkalajarn Soi 7
Cheviot Cheeva is a professional coffee franchise brand. It would be best known for its Bingsu, which is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert, with toppings of chopped fruit, condensed milk, along with other bites. In Thailand mango would always be the popular chopped fruit topping, no different to Mango sticky rice and it obviously was what weordered , the Mango Bingsu.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Mango Bingsu served with mango syrup and sticky rice

It tastes excellent as it’s the signature menu here and this menu is 169 THB (5.08 USD/3.91 GBP). It isn’t bad right when compares to a grande size of a famous coffee brand in the same price lol.

After we started our morning with this lovely dessert, it’s time for lunch. My friend asked for some protein because we barely had a real meal in this trip. There you go girl, we stopped by the Wichian Buri Roast Chicken. It’s a street food stall nears our hostel on Nimmanhaemin Soi 11. It was so busy during lunch as it’s cheap and tastes fine. We ordered roasted chicken, papaya salad and sticky rice. And it was 200 THB (6.02 USD/ 4.63 GBP) for lunch. Once you visit Thailand, you must try some local street food as it’s cheap, fresh and taste great.

Roast Chicken
Papaya Salad with salted egg

After lunch, it’s time for some coffee. We walked to Nimmanhaemin Soi 13 and stopped by one lovely cafe because of the fancy exterior design of this spot, Waan Cafe. “Waan” in Thai means Sweet. This cafe located in the front of Hello Nimman Hotel. As I told you that we stopped by here because the exterior not because of following any review. But I’ve known later that this spot is one of the popular cafe in the area.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Iced Latte and Thai iced tea

My friend ordered iced Latte and I got Thai Iced Tea, I didn’t about my friend’s coffee but my Thai Iced Tea tasted so great. Have you ever try Thai Iced Tea? If you visit Thailand, this is a must-try drink! My drink was 2.41 USD (1.85 GBP).


We stayed in Waan Cafe for 2 hours then it’s time heading to the new spot! We were walking to another famous coffee shop, everybody who visits Chiang Mai always come here for a quality cup of coffee, yeah I’m talking about Ristr8to.

"Ristr8to is touted as being one of the best coffee shops in the city, it stands out for its award-winning owner and barista, and delicious, signature hot and cold coffee. The tourists from Thailand and another countries all come here for a proper coffee".

I came to one of Ristr8to’s three locations in Chiang Mai. We came to the wrong branch actually because my friend wanna take me to the another one on the next street where the owner who is also a barista works there. My friend said he looks hot hehe! What a pity 😦 Never mind we only come for a good cup of coffee, don’t we?

This place is small and always packed with the clients. It’s not a place where you can relax like other cafe we have been to! The time we came was in the late afternoon so it’s super busy but we could find a space for two people, Lucky us:)


The options here are great too, not only for the variety of drinks 
you can order - but the coffee itself. Ristr8to sells coffee from a number of different countries - Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, Columbia, and Thailand.


As I can’t drink any caffeine, I got iced cocoa and it tasted great. My friend got the Flat White which was fantastic!


A cup of Flat White with the giraffe on top

“Not to say this is a perfect spot. Not at all. It’s too small for the large number of clientele, it’s generally too noisy to work in, service can sometimes be a tad slow and the tables just aren’t big enough. But despite this it’s still a favourite because it gets the main thing right – fantastic coffee at prices that would only get you so-so coffee elsewhere” .


After we had been staying in Ristr8to for 1 hour, yeah only one hour as it was getting busy and busier by that time. We grab the shared Songthaew to go to Tha phae Gate in the old city.

Why Tha Phae Gate is special ?

Tha Pae Gate is one of the most famous landmarks in Chiang Mai and is part of the crumbling city wall which once acted as a fortress for 
the ‘Old City’ (and still today acts as a geographical boundary). The gate area is an epicentre for tourism in Chiang Mai, boasting more 
hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, massage parlours and shops than anywhere else in the city.


As Tha Phae Gate is a popular tourist attraction, there are always full with the tourists coming here for a photo, feeding pigeons.

Staying near Tha Pae Gate not only means you’ll be surrounding yourself with fellow travellers, but it also means you’re well-placed to walk to many of Chiang Mai’s main attractions such as the Night Bazaar, the numerous temples in the Old City, and even the Riverside area (at a push).



Then we crossed the street to the Sunday walking Street Market. The Sunday Market (or Walking Street) is a large market located right in the centre of the old walled city area of Chiang Mai. Starting at the Tha Phae Gate at one end the Sunday Market extends for roughly 1 km down the full length of Ratchadamnoen Road. You can go to the Market every Sunday from 4pm till midnight.

At the Sunday Market you will find lots of tourists and Thai locals all gathered together having a good time looking for bargains. The Sunday Market is growing bigger every year and has now started to spread down many of the side streets off the main road, as well as the big open area around the Tha Phae Gate itself. In my opinion, I prefer the Wua-lai Market that I went on Saturday night than this market because here was even more overcrowded and super busy! people were everywhere. But you should visit once as this market is surround by some beautiful temples. But I didn’t have much time to stop by because I had a late night flight to go back to Bangkok.

I bought some hair accessories from this lovely stall xx

The handicraft products displayed are perfect as gifts or beautiful and useful items to decorate your own home. You will also find many vendors selling shoes, jewellery, souvenirs and clothing like 100% cotton eco t-shirts or Thai Silk boxer shorts. And well at Tha Pae Gate you´ll find anything you don´t want to find as foreigner: Mc Donalds , Burger King, Starbuck, … you got it 🙂


And here was where we finished our journey. We came back to a hostel because we dropped our luggage at the hostel when we checked out in the morning. So we went back there by the shared Songthaew (30 THB/0.90 USD/0.70 GBP). Then we used GrabCar to take us to the airport and I had a safe journey back home. Today I spent only 464 THB (13.96 USD/10.75 GBP) as we had only one real meal lol.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 23.36.21.png

Let’s see how much I spent over the trip which include my flight tickets. Overall I’ve spent 7,899 THB (237.62 USD or 183.11 GBP) in 3 days 2 nights. If without the plane tickets, I only spent 3,899 THB (117.28 USD/90.36 GBP) in Chiang Mai so I got some money left as I bring 5,500 THB. This is super cheap when I compare to 3 days I spent in London lol. it can’t even compare really!

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 00.10.03

3 days 2 nights isn’t enough to explore Chiang Mai if you plan to come oversea to visit this charming city, you should stay at least a week and the perfect time to visit would be in the winter time in November-early February (High season). But the time I’ve visited Thailand is between summer and rainy season, lucky me that there was no rain during my trip but the heats lol.

In my opinion, Everything in Chiang Mai which include accommodation 
price also the average living-expenses is quite low when compare to 
the capital like Bangkok or the popular southern city, Phuket (Phuket is so expensive!!). People and the tourist here are all friendly and the city  is safe enough for a solo backpacker like the Ukrainian 
girl I met on the shared taxi. I do love everything about Chiang Mai 
and I hope you feel the same and fall in love with Chiang Mai like I do. Goodbye for now, until we meet again, Chiang Mai 🙂

For more photos, visit my INSTAGRAM

At Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai


-Thank you to all of you who finished reading this post also the other parts of Charming Chiang Mai trip, I hope it’s useful and inspire you to book a tickets and come visit Chiang Mai.

-Thank you my partner in crime for joining all trips and took me all beautiful photos since I came to Thailand, love you<3 and Thanks my bro who took us around Chaing Mai for one day, I will see you in the Uk 🙂



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