A girl, coffee and the beach: A weekend in Hua Hin

This is my first post on WordPress. As I have a passion about traveling the world why I shouldn’t share my experiences to others. Normally I only post my pictures on Instagram but pictures can’t describe everything, so I had been looking for the blog where I can write my travel stories and share them with people who have the same passion and here I am.

This is my first time in the last 4 years since I have visited my home country, Thailand. So it would be a very long holiday for me in Thailand as I don’t know when it will be the next visit. Therefore, I have tried to travel Thailand as much as I can and why don’t I share my journeys with you guys. Let’s get start!!

This trip I had my architect best friend as my photographer. She is not a professional photographer but all her works are amazing!! This time we wanted to go somewhere that we could drive so it shouldn’t far from Bangkok. Also it should be a city where it has beautiful places to take photos. And Hua Hin is the best option for a perfect weekend.


Hua Hin is a district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Even though beaches themselves aren’t really beautiful when compare to Andaman famous islands like Phi Phi islands, It’s famous with beautiful well designed hotels, restaurants, beach bars and coffee shops which makes tourists always come back to Hua Hin. And this trip took us around 4-5 hours by a car to reach the destination as we stopped at by the lovely garden restaurant, Little Trees in Sam Phran District for 2 hours.


The food is not a typical Thai food but they tasted excellent. They also have the coffee and bakery zone which you can enjoy the garden with a cup of good coffee and cake in different area.IMG_1769

The Lychee Rose Tea drink is one of the signature drinks


Little Trees is a restaurant in the vast natural garden of the owner’s residence featured many air-conditioned conservatories for meals, afternoon tea and vintage products imported from Europe. Beautiful garden by the river, you can either sit indoors with AC or outdoors (more bugs flying around) but they have fans. Probably wouldn’t recommend going at night due to mosquitoes and don’t get to see the beautiful gardens. Location may be a little hard to find, but this hidden gem is worth the effort to find it. I recommend this restaurant if you have time and want to escape from busy Bangkok. Get the mosquito repellent spray and your camera ready!!


After we finished lunch and got enough photos, we drove straightaway to Hua Hin. We went directly to the hotel first as it was hot during a day so we really need a shower. The Stonehead Hotel was a hotel we chose for this trip. It isn’t in a city center but if you have a car, it shouldn’t be a problem. Even you don’t have a car, you can rent a motor bike, it would cost you 200 THB a day ($7 or 5 GBP). The hotel itself costs 1,400 THB a night ($45 or 35 GBP) which include continental breakfast. It isn’t bad right for a new-built hotel with a well-designed interiors.



After we checked in and took a shower, we drove to Hua Hin Beach. It took us about 10 mins to get there so the hotel isn’t far at all. If you are a foreigner who doesn’t want to live far from the beach, no worry!! there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses nears by. But for us, we are an architect so we looked for a well-decorated mini hotel with the saved budget. And I saw many foreigner tourists stayed here.


The Hua Hin beach is special as you can ride the horse by the beach. It’s quiet and clean so it’s good for the sunbath with a good book or taking long walks in the evening.




After the beach, we went for dinner at Baan Itsara Restaurant. It’s a famous restaurant in Hua Hin. If you love seafood you must visit this place. This restaurant is always busy for lunch and dinner. You might be on the queue but it is not gonna be that long about 10-15 mins. And you might complain about long waiting for the food to come to your table. But nothing serious as the food taste excellent. This was one of our orders, Oyster omelet. It isn’t bad at all.


When we finished a dinner, we moved on to the next list, Cicada market. If you love art, handmade stuff and live music in the garden, you should visit once and enjoy a lovely evening here. This night market only opens on weekend so if you come during the weekdays you might need to wait until Saturday.IMG_1811We woke up early in the next day for the hotel breakfast. They provides only coffee, tea and toasts but it wasn’t a problem as we saw the cute coffee shop on the same street just next to the hotel. After we checked out we went straightaway to this cafe.


Rowhou8e cafe is the lovely coffee shop in Soi Hua Hin 106, the same street as the Stonehead hotel where I stayed. They serve coffee, drinks, homemade cakes and food. It is always packed in lunch time. The owner is very friendly and he suggested us that today they were making fresh coconut cream cake. So why didn’t we give it a shot!!


I tried the green tea-mint drink and the coconut cream cake as the owner suggested us. And they all tasted so good! Omg! I really do love this place. It’s kind of the place I didn’t expect to be good because we didn’t follow the review for this time as it is close to our hotel. But everything here is just perfect. I read on their facebook page and it said they now have a hostel on the up floor which will open very soon. I think it is a good idea because I love the design here so their hostel must be amazing.


Then we went to Hua Hin Railway Station. Why we visited the station? What makes it different to another stations? let the pictures tell the story.



Hua Hin’s station is one of the oldest in Thailand and its main feature is The Royal Waiting Room that used to welcome King and his court when they were visiting the town (http://www.tourismhuahin.com/railway-station-huahin.php). Taking the train from Bangkok to Hua Hin is one of the options if you don’t drive, also you can take the view during your travel.

It was so hot during the day and we took an hour here at the station that made us sweat!! So we wanted something to cool us down. So we started looking for a new cafe to try again and here we are!!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Eighteen Below Ice Cream was the next check-in. They are good at their homemade ice cream. But we only order hot espresso and Thai iced tea. My Thai iced tea was good but my friend’s coffee wasn’t strong. This cafe was very small but gets busy all the time. The good thing is the location. If you stay in the city centre then it is in your walking distance.




You might barely see food in our trip but drinks and cakes. Maybe because it was too difficult to find the quick good meal for lunch in Hua Hin. Most of the places only open at night time. What we could find were only coffee shop which easy to find on every single block lol.

The next visit was a newest community mall in Hua Hin, SeenSpace. This mall is designed by the Famous Thai architect. Therefore, it was a beautiful modern architecture  by the sea with restaurant, retails and beach bars where you can relax by the pool and enjoy your cocktail while taking the beach view. Sounds nice right?



there are 3-4 pool front bars to choose here, and one of the cutest one is the Sretsis Mermaid bar. If you are a girl who love the mermaid and lovely bar. This spot is the right one for you.



Inside the Sretsis Mermaid Bar and shop also sell their cloth brand, Sretsis. The average cocktail price here from all bars is 250 THB (6 GBP/8 USD) which isn’t bad for this beautiful views, isn’t it?

Seenspace is a bit far from the city centre and you can only drive or take the mini bus or taxi to come. It takes about 15-20 mins but it’s worth to visit and enjoy the evening here.



And the last place we were gonna visit is Plern Wan Hua Hin. We put this spot in the end of our trip because it was on the way back to Bangkok.

Not just a themed open-air mall, Plearn Wan feels more like a living museum where you can experience a slice of life in 1950s Hua Hin. Plern Wan’s two-storey courtyard-style building, an architectural statement in itself, houses a community of period-style shops selling everything from liquor, inexpensive plastic-and-tin toys, snacks as well as a beauty salon, photo studio, outdoor cinema screen and a 20-room guesthouse or ‘Piman Plern Wan (Read more at: http://www.bangkok.com/huahin/hua-hin/plern-wan.htm?cid=ch:OTH:001)




This place made me feel like I was a kid again. I pretty like it here. Because you can find good spots for taking a picture in case that you love taking a picture like me so why not? Also you can try Thai desserts here. There are a few vintage retails selling desserts, food, handmade stuff. In here you can see what Thailand in 1950s looked like. So if you visit Hua Hin, don’t forget to visit Plern Wan.

Why you should visit Hua Hin

  1. It is not far from Bangkok. If you want to escape from busy Bangkok and want the fresh air from the beach
  2. If you want to switch the place to sleep and stay at a well designed hotel
  3. For good food, cocktails and yes coffee shop like me
  4. Plenty of tourist attractions
  5. Good for family and a couple trip as it is quiet

What does not good?

  1. The beach isn’t beautiful and the water isn’t clear like the South of Thailand.
  2. If you love the nightlife like Pattaya, Patong or full moon party, it isn’t the right place for you.
  3. Hotels and restaurant could be overpriced (not every place so you should compare prices when choosing the hotel and check the food price on a menu)

How much is the budget you need

As we two split  food, hotel and gas, so I totally paid around 3,200 THB (100 USD or 80 GBP) for 2 days 1 night in Hua Hin which was good for bff trip on weekend. But please be noted that I didn’t spent much on food so if you love to eat, you might have to spend more like 15-20 USD or 10-15 GBP for one good meal in the good restaurant. Another option you should try Thai street food as well, most of them taste good. Why do you spent much on every single meal right?

Thank you for reading my first post and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any question or you are planing to visit Hua Hin and need help, feel free to ask me.